Paige Spiranac And John Daly Announce ‘Beauty Vs The Beast’ Golf Match Against Each Other

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Oh man … this is gonna be so great.

Online golf influencer Paige Spiranac took to social media to advertise her upcoming “Beauty vs The Beast” match against the legendary John Daly, with the two squaring off June 5 at the Geneva National.

The promo graphic that Spiranac posted was drawn in an artistic style, with Spiranac teeing off and Daly behind her watching the action.

Spiranac also announced that two lucky people will be able to be a caddy for her and Daly, with those two individuals being picked in a contest that you can apply to here.

“The legend John Daly and I are playing a match against each other June 5th!,” wrote Spiranac.

My biggest question here: Is this event televised?

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of social media videos to see, but I’m talking about an actual television broadcast, and it doesn’t have to be on some super-duper network like CBS or FOX. ESPN could pick this up, and if they wanted, put it on ESPN2 or something like that. Same way with FOX, for example, they could put it on their FS1 channel.

There’s plenty of sports channels out there, and plenty of interest in Spiranac and Daly, I say they try to get a deal done, because quite frankly, not only could they rack in broadcasting and advertising checks, but they would have me swimming in the glory of this entire thing. (RELATED: Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Nearly Flaunts It All For Her Team Ahead Of Playoff Game (And Impressively In The Snow)

You have John Daly — the Hooters-loving, liquor-drinking and cigarette-smoking “Beast” himself — golfing against the “Beauty” Paige Spiranac.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Let’s get a deal done, guys.