‘1923’ Mid-Season Trailer Reveals Major Plotlines

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“1923” returns Feb. 5, and the mid-season trailer reveals a whole host of major plotlines.

When we last left the Dutton-Yellowstone Ranch, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) had been shot almost to death, leaving his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) to make her matriarchal mark on the wild west of Montana. His nephew, Spencer, had fallen in love with his beautiful British beau, and the pair were frantically trying to get passage back to America to save the ranch.

Even though we all know that Spencer — or someone else in the Dutton family — clearly does what is necessary to save their home (otherwise how would we have “Yellowstone”), the adrenaline from the first half of “1923” still leaves us questioning just how this violence will play out.

Within the first five seconds of the mid-season trailer, we see Jacob is healing from his injuries. We know Spencer and his wife are on their way back to Montana. What we don’t know is how the growing volatility among the ranchers will scar the Dutton family, and we don’t know whether Spencer will make it back alive. (RELATED: Dennis Quaid Joins ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off Series ‘Bass Reeves’)

However, the most terrifyingly true aspect of “1923” is the story surrounding the evil Catholic so-called “boarding schools” where young Native American women were imprisoned for far too long in our nation’s history. This storyline chronicles the journey of Teonna Rainwater, the possible mother or grandmother of “Yellowstone” chairman Thomas Rainwater.

As “Yellowstone” is likely to end after season six, leaving us with a final conclusion to the battle for the ranch, am I crazy to think the land will return to its rightful owners: Native Americans, either in the form of Rainwater or Tate Dutton, son of Kayce and Monica Dutton? Let me know what you think!