Dear Kay: I Watched ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ And Now I’m Scared We’re Going To Die Before 2025


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Dear Kay: I watched Graham Hancock’s Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse” and ended up doing a deep-dive into the research on cataclysms, and now I’m terrified that the entire human race will be destroyed sometime between now and 2025. Why aren’t scientists more concerned about this stuff? Am I right to be terrified? — Sincerely, Amateur Geology Nerd.

Hello fellow Geology Nerd,

You would be amazed how many submissions to “Dear Kay” and direct messages I’ve received that sound just like yours. Graham Hancock has finally started a citizen revolution in the study of precursory civilizations, and with that comes a lot of insecurity about our stability on this planet.

While the evidence shared by Hancock and his brilliant colleagues is impossible to dismiss as establishment archeologists refuse to do so, there is no need to live a life of fear. But let’s answer your direct questions before digging into how best to deal with cataclysms and your day-to-day life.

Why aren’t scientists more concerned about the evidence supporting the cyclical nature of cataclysms? Actually, a lot of scientists are deeply concerned about the evidence of cataclysms. Hancock did a superb job of combining qualitative data from ancient civilization (ie: their origin tales) with quantitative information from scientists showing conclusive evidence of massive meteor impacts.

Earth will be struck by a huge asteroid at some point in the future. We know that as an absolute certainty. That’s why NASA developed the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), which successfully altered the trajectory of Dimorphos, an asteroid orbiting a larger body of rock.

The scientific community largely depends on governmental funding, and our leaders need to control the fear narrative so that we remain a stable, somewhat civil society. I believe part of the reason the scientific community is less inclined to shed light on the potential nature of an asteroid impact is because most people will absolutely freak out at the thought of total societal collapse.

Once enough people understand that we are so vulnerable, we’re a lot harder to control en masse. Knowing that our true survival depends on our relationship with nature, not our governmental institutions, is not something anyone in politics wants to become part of the normalized narrative of our civilization. (RELATED: Netflix Documentary Could Rewrite All Of Human History)

You should not live your life terrified of an asteroid impact. What is the point in being scared of something you can’t control? What kind of wasted life is that? If we are hit by an asteroid in our lifetime, we’ll all be dead, so who cares? Instead of seeing this as a bad thing, use our instability to foster your own independence and choose to leave this planet better than how you found it.

If today was your last day on Earth, wouldn’t you want to shower the people you love with affection? Wouldn’t you choose to leave this planet with love instead of violence. Whether your a person of faith or not, choosing love in times of terror is not as hard as it sounds, and it makes for a really good life.

You can always prepare for other types of cataclysms. After more than 17 years of research, both for my own undergraduate degree and more than a thousand PhD dissertations I’ve consulted on and ghostwritten for American candidates, I’ve decided my favorite potential cataclysm is a Carrington-style Event.

Under this type of cataclysm, all of the technology on Earth will fail within about an hour. We won’t be thrown back to the dark ages, but all of our electrical infrastructure might be. We’d be back to subsistence living, dependent on Mother Nature while societal chaos erupts… until it eases. You can easily prepare for such a calamity by working hard, buying land, working that land, storing water, growing essential medicines and foods.

In a recent conversation with researcher Jimmy Corsetti, he and I both agreed that the most important things you can do to survive any type of event like this is to ensure you live amongst a good, supportive community of neighbors, and to own a gun.

So while you can be scared, don’t let that fear dictate your life. It’s useless.