America Braces For Another Week Of Wild Weather


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The National Weather Service (NWS) issued yet another slew of warnings Monday and Tuesday ahead of more wild weather occurring across the American continent.

Storms are sweeping through the middle and upper Texas coasts and parts of the central Gulf coast until Tuesday, bringing the potential for some strong tornadoes and damaging winds, NWS’s Storm Prediction Center shared Monday afternoon.

The weather prediction center also issued “Key Messages” for those in the southern Plaines up to the northeastern region of the continent as a “significant winter storm” is expected to last Monday through at least Thursday. The weather system stretches from New Mexico through Oklahoma, all the way up to the Ozarks, the Great Lakes and parts of the central Appalachians. The system is expected to hit parts of the Mid-Atlantic by Wednesday.

Heavy snow and high winds are anticipated, and visibility is expected to make travel difficult. Power outages and downed trees are also expected. (RELATED: Intense Video Shows Farmland Destruction As Salinas River Bursts Its Banks)

Bitter winds, as well as heavy and blowing snow, have also hit as far north as Alaska, with the NWS sharing a graphic showing almost the entire state covered in various types of winter weather advisories. The NWS shared similar weather concerns for New England into Canada, with some areas of the coast issuing strict “travel is not advised” warnings.