Company Perfectly Trolls Buffalo Bills With Hilarious And Swagged-Out T-Shirt Design (And It’s Also Helping Charity)

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Joe Burrow — who knew one man could have so much swag?

After the Cincinnati Bengals took out the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional Playoffs to effectively cancel the neutral conference title game between the Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback Joe Burrow had some words that sent shockwaves across the entire landscape of the National Football League:

“Better send those refunds.”

This was a reference to tickets to a Chiefs-Bills AFC Championship game in Atlanta that had already been sold before the divisional showdown between the Bengals and Bills. With the Bills knocked out, the game isn’t happening and the tickets are worth precisely $0.

One local company decided to take Joe Burrow’s words and make them into a swagged-out t-shirt, with the text “BETTER SEND THOSE” in black letters on a white background with Burrow’s face beside the words, and “REFUND$” spelled with a dollar sign in Bengal-striped letters.

The swag here is absolutely fresh:

Oh yeah, you better believe that I’m getting one of these.

And it gets even cooler. Not only is this showing how awesome Joe Burrow is, and not only is this some quality drip to add into your wardrobe, and not only is it a fantastic trolling move by Cincy Shirts, but you’ll also be helping out charity if you purchase one.

A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold will go to the Joe Burrow Foundation, which helps families overcome food insecurity and childhood mental health issues. (RELATED: ‘This Is A Wellness Check’: Paige Spiranac Hilariously Warns That Joe Burrow Is Out Here Stealing Girlfriends)

It’s a win-win for me. I get to help out charity, and add some new drip. Hell, I’m already thinking about the Jordans that I’m going to get to match my shirt.

I’m thinking of rockin’ it with these:

The swag is absolutely unreal here, Cincy Shirts. You just made a sale.