Universal Studios Stunt Performer Fails To Surface After Dive, Rushed To Hospital After Five Mins Of CPR


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A stunt performer at Universal Studios Hollywood was rushed to the hospital Monday after diving 30-feet into a tank and failing to resurface.

The “Waterworld” stunt man was participating in a scene in which he was purposely set on fire and fell into the water as part of the grand finale, according to ABC News. Crew members were alerted when the man failed to surface from the water to breathe as they had rehearsed.

Employees sprung to action and pulled the male performer from the water, according to TMZ. After five full minutes of administering life-saving CPR, the performer regained a heartbeat and was immediately rushed to hospital.

Hundreds of fans were watching the show and witnessed the rescue efforts as the performer was pulled from the water.

A voice boomed through the speaker system notifying fans of the emergency.

“Ladies and gentlemen we apologize for the delay, we have an emergency on set,” said a male announcer. (RELATED: Daredevil Robbie Knievel Dead At Age 60

Several attendees of the park captured video of the on-site medical team’s valiant efforts as it rushed to his aid, according to ABC News.

The age and identity of the performer have not been released. The extent of the man’s injuries and his current condition are unknown.

It is unclear if the performer was injured during his fall into the tank, or if he made impact with the tank during his dive, according to TMZ.

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