KASH PATEL: Hunter Biden’s Access To Classified Docs Should Concern Everyone. Here’s How We Get To The Bottom Of It

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Kash Patel Contributor
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The two-tier justice system in our country has never been more evident than in recent weeks following revelations regarding President Biden’s reported criminal mishandling of classified documents.

Yet, we hear empty epithets from Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray — things like “traditions and principles” spewed from the vaunted halls of Justice. These two “government gangsters” and other so-called “defenders of national security” have created a system that destroys justice rather than upholding it by applying their meaningless traditions and principles to the Biden investigation.

As a sitting president and now the target of a criminal investigation, Biden has publicly stated “there is no there there,” while his personal attorneys are allowed full control of the scene. In what world do we want this to be the traditions and principles of justice, where the accused defines the parameters of the constitution?

I worked on numerous national security cases and as the former Deputy Director of National Intelligence and Federal prosecutor, it is clear that the Biden matter is at the intersection of these two worlds.

Mishandling classified information is a federal crime, period. One of the most concerning revelations in the wake of this scandal is that these classified documents have been on the move in the wild for years. Each person that moved them, each place they were stored is another separate crime.

Basic investigatory steps such as the issuance of search warrants for every location Biden and Hunter ever touched, have been jettisoned without legal cause. By doing so, Garland and Wray seek to uphold their traditions and principles of government corruption.

Why should anyone care about any of this? We have now learned these classified documents have been found at many locations and span back decades of intelligence matters.

Whether it is a locked garage or the Biden Penn Center, or his cereal closet — none of these locations were authorized to store classified information. In the coming days, how many other locations are we going to learn of and who had access? I predict many more.

The question of how they were moved is still a mystery. Are we to believe the chief librarians at NARA actually initiated this investigation? The answers to these questions expose its genesis: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden’s proximity and potential access to an array of classified material should concern every single American. Political crime is the Biden family business. Covering up those crimes, well that has been the business of the current DOJ and FBI, along with the media.

They once again showed their corrupt hand in the appointment of Special Counsel, Robert Hur. While serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General — the third highest official at the DOJ — Hur blocked Congressional subpoenas for the Russia Gate investigation (which I ran) and argued against the release of the “Nunes Memo.”

Thanks to a Republican Congress, we may get some accountability and transparency.

The newly formed House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government needs to hit this hard. A few easy steps: The new Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government must subpoena critical documents from the FBI, to include the 302s (summary reports) and Electronic Communications (origination reports) so the world can see the actions of all the government gangsters involved in this cover-up.

Subpoena the United States Secret Service to find out who covered for Bidens the past six years. Having been in and around a President when they move about the country, this statement from the Biden White House that there were no visitor logs is a red herring.

There are always Secret Service agents present. It is their job to vet who shows up to see the President or Vice President. They are all witnesses to one of the biggest crimes and threats to national security our nation has faced.

Lastly, we need to subpoena every single document relating to this scandal to reveal the truth and expose those who covered for Biden. Every financial document, every transactional receipt, subpoena it all. And when these “government gangsters” scream the truth and tradition of an ‘ongoing investigation,’ you take their money. Congress must seize select funds through the fence process until they obey. We did during Russia Gate and they bent the knee.

This investigation into the handling of these classified documents did not begin in November 2022. The timing of the documents is no coincidence. This scandal was perfectly timed and flawlessly revealed with the assistance of the corrupt media.

With a new Congress and the American public waking up to the truth, the government gangsters’ days in power may just be numbered, and those “traditions and principles” practices at the DOJ can finally return to actual law enforcement and not its weaponization.

Kash Patel served as the lead investigator for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s Russian collusion investigation and Deputy Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration. He has also published a children’s book called “The Plot Against the King” and his most recent book, “Government Gangsters.”

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.