Watch LeBron James Get Pissed Off At A Heckler After Looking Incredibly Depressed Against The Los Angeles Clippers

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Damn … I feel so incredibly bad for LeBron.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers squared off Jan. 24 against the Clippers, with the Lakers suffering a 133-115 defeat to give them their 10th consecutive loss against their in-town rival. While walking off the court after the game, LeBron ended up getting slammed by a heckler.

James was incredible in the game, putting up 46 points and also hitting a career-high nine three-pointers, but despite his performance, he and the Lakers were hopeless throughout the entire game.

During the contest, LeBron looked absolutely miserable, so much so that it even has me feeling bad for him.

As you see, LeBron was in a horrible mood. Quite frankly, he looked depressed as hell, and I just want to give him a big hug right now, especially with how things only got worse for him after the fact.

As James was walking to the locker room, he was greeted by a heckler who let the four-time NBA champion have it.

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Now, you guys know me, usually I love to talk shit about LeBron James and light him up, but I’m not doing that here.

I legitimately feel bad for the guy because you know he had higher expectations for the Lakers when he went there. What’s amazing to me is how they just won a championship back in 2020, and since then, they’ve just been absolute garbage. They have Anthony Davis, but that doesn’t matter. They have Russell Westbrook, but that doesn’t matter. And they have LeBron James putting up 40-50 points a game, but nope, that doesn’t matter either.

You have to feel for LeBron here, man. You can tell he’s giving it his all and he wants to win another championship badly, but he’s just not getting any winning results from his team. I can respect him there with how much losing gets him down in the dumps. He’s a billionaire, has an absolute empire, has a son who will eventually take over the world of basketball, and he still gets down in the dumps about losing — I can respect that. (RELATED: REPORT: NCAA Basketball Coaches Are Complaining About Recruitment Of Bronny James, LeBron Making Process About Himself)

LeBron, I would take the advice of Twitter user @LakeShowYo and just stay focused on breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s scoring record, because even you don’t deserve this kind of pain — I can see it in your eyes. Just focus on the record, not winning, because you aren’t getting that in Los Angeles, especially with getting no backing from ownership.

Damn, I feel bad … Why couldn’t you just stay in Miami, king?

Just come back, just come back. We’ll take care of you.