Biden Warns Of ‘MAGA Republicans’ In House Destroying His Progress

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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President Joe Biden claimed during a Thursday speech that “MAGA Republicans” in the House of Representatives are threatening the progress made in his first term as president.

Biden’s speech, given in Springfield, Virginia, touted the progress his administration claims to have made on key economic indicators such as unemployment and wages. He also talked about new figures that show the American economy grew by 2.9% in the fourth quarter of the year, more than expected.

“We’re moving in the right direction. Now we’ve got to protect those gains … that our policies have generated, protect them from the MAGA Republicans in the House of Representatives who are threatening to destroy this progress,” Biden said.

He also spoke about the Republicans’ desire to slash programs such as social security and Medicare, and implement a substantial 30% sales tax.

“They want to cut your Social Security, Medicare. Now, this is the God’s truth. It’s almost unbelievable,” Biden said.

The president also touched on the debate over the debt ceiling, promising not to let the GOP use it as a “bargaining chip.”.

“They’re actually threatening to have us default on the American debt … MAGA Republicans are literally choosing to inflict this kind of pain on the American people. Why? Why?” Biden said. (RELATED: Sen. John Kennedy Says Fellow Republicans Are Partially Responsible For Raising Debt Ceiling)

During the speech, the president also called Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia, “Doug” four times, the NY Post reported.

“Where’s Doug? Congressman?” the president said. “Oh, there you are. Doug, thanks for the passport into town. Doug and I have something in common, we both married way above our station.”

Republicans and Democrats have recently been locked in a fiery debate over the debt ceiling. Republicans want to cut spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, but are reportedly still mulling over where they want to cut spending. They also refuse to raise taxes to generate revenue to pay down the debt, NBC News reported.

Despite the president’s claim that the GOP wants to cut social security and Medicare, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly agreed to leave those off the table in spending cut negotiations, according to Business Insider. Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries also reiterated that Social Security and Medicare are not negotiable for spending cuts.