Bristol Palin Reveals Medical Update After Undergoing Ninth Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Laura Segall/ Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, shared a shocking medical update by revealing a video of herself wearing a compression bra with surgical drains on her Instagram Stories.

Palin posted the news Wednesday, informing fans she had been through nine surgeries to correct a “botched” reduction she underwent at the age of 19, according to People. “Sharing wayyyyy [too much information] right now, but had my 9th breast reconstruction surgery last night — yes, NINTH,” Palin wrote.

“The whole situation has honestly made me very self conscious my entire adult life,” she continued in the post, People reported. Instagram Stories self-erase after 24 hours unless specifically saved by the user.

Palin boldly exposed her scars and past struggles to her 572k Instagram followers. “I’ve had previous surgeries trying to correct the initial damage of muscle tissue and terrible scaring,” she said, according to the outlet.

She admitted to being frustrated by the setbacks that reportedly resulted from numerous surgical procedures.

“Praying this is the last surgery needed — I hate being a whiner but it kinda does put a setback/pause on life and that’s why I’ve been fairly MIA [on social media],” she told fans, according to People. (RELATED: REPORT: Plastic Surgeons Said They’ve Been Receiving Dangerous Requests To Look Like Lensa App Portraits)

Palin seemingly remained optimistic about overcoming her challenges, and encouraged fans to help her stay entertained during her time at home.

“Trying my hardest to stay positive, hype myself up, and remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for,” Palin said.

“I’m healthy, fully capable, and this is just an inconvenience cause things could always be worse,” she added, before asking fans to send “funny memes cause I’m already going stir crazzzzy,” People reported.

In 2021, Palin posted footage of scars from a past tummy tuck, according to the outlet.