Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry Ejected After Throwing Mouth Guard In Critical Moment Against Memphis Grizzlies

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Steph Curry is getting ripped left and right for this, but I personally love the passion.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Jan. 25 game between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies, guard Stephen Curry wasn’t a fan of teammate Jordan Poole’s three-point shot, and you can’t blame him there. The shot was not only deep, but it was rushed. On top of that, it came off a Warriors offensive rebound with just 1:14 remaining in the game and a two-point lead over the Grizz.

After the shot, as Memphis gathered the defensive rebound, Curry ran back down the court, ripped his mouth guard out in frustration and threw it. Shortly after, an official ejected him from the game — his third NBA career ejection for throwing his mouthpiece.

The first two times were during the 2016 NBA Finals and against Memphis in 2017, according to CBS Sports.

After walking off the court and heading down the tunnel back to the locker room, Curry was spotted talking to Warriors owner (I refuse to call them governors) Joe Lacob, appearing to explain why he threw his mouthpiece.

Chef Curry is just out here being a chef, man.

Nobody says anything to Gordon Ramsay when he goes the (bleep) off on somebody, do they?

I’ve seen so many people talk shit about Steph Curry, including this bit from Skip Bayless:

According to Skip, it’s a “bad look,” but I completely disagree. Same way with Skip going on about his showboating and being cocky and all of that chef stuff that Curry does. Personally, I love it.

What’s wrong with showing passion? What’s wrong with showing emotion?

So, what? Are all players supposed to have boring personalities like Tim Duncan? (RELATED: Damian Lillard Has Absolute Historic Night With 60-Point Game Off Nearly 90% Shooting)

Screw that, I want flash and dash to go along with my championship-caliber player, even if it involves him getting pissed off because he wants to win — oh, I’m sorry he wants to win. A lot of pundits and fans will complain that athletes are only in it for the money, but then when a player is also in it to win and shows it, they also get criticized for it. You really can’t win here if you’re Steph Curry, or any other athlete for that matter, so as far as I’m concerned?

Carry on, Chef. Keep doing you, and never change.