EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Rick Scott Releases Ad On Democrats’ Spending, Wants To Put Money ‘Back In The Pockets Of Americans’

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott will release an advertisement Thursday slamming Democrats’ spending in Congress and saying President Joe Biden’s plan to grow the economy might be the “dumbest” idea.

In February 2022, Scott released an 11-point plan with 128 specific ideas to “rescue America,” which he believes should be the focus of the GOP’s agenda. Scott’s plan contains a specific category focusing on the economy. Some of his suggestions include barring government assistance unless a person is disabled or actively seeking work, eliminating truly non-essential government employee positions and withholding pay from members of Congress if they cannot pass a budget.

The Daily Caller first obtained an advertisement from Scott, criticizing Biden and Democrats’ spending.

“What’s the dumbest way to grow our economy? It might be what Joe Biden is doing right now. Take money out of people’s pockets with higher taxes, borrow trillions from our children, send the money all the way to Washington to distant bureaucrats and politicians,” Scott says in the ad.

“Then grind that money through the bureaucracy and give billions to woke contributors and special interests. Then take what little money is left, staple thousands of pages of artificial and political instructions to it. And then send the remainder back to our pockets where it all started to try and grow the American economy,” he continues. (RELATED: Sen. Rick Scott Lays Out 11-Point Plan To ‘Rescue America’)


“Some people are surprised it doesn’t work. There’s a better way. Reverse the process, take money out of Washington’s pocket and put it back in your pocket, so you can grow the economy bottom up, naturally and organically. If you’re tired of the old, dumb, slow way Washington is doing things, join us,” he concludes in the ad. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Got Away With It’ — Sen. Rick Scott To Release Ad Saying Biden ‘Cheated On His Taxes’)

The advertisement is set to be released later Thursday afternoon.

“It’s time to change the way Washington works by taking money out of D.C. and putting it back in the pockets of Americans. My plan to rescue America will lower taxes, rein in reckless spending and return spending power to hard-working Americans. If you’re tired of Democrats and unelected D.C. bureaucrats telling you how to spend your money, join us at rescueamerica.com,” Scott told the Daily Caller.