‘That’s Just The Way I Fathered’: Deion Sanders Already Setting The Tone For Colorado Players

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Deion Sanders is such a G.

When Deion Sanders was hired as the head coach of the University of Colorado Buffaloes in December 2022, it sent shockwaves across the entire landscape of college football, with fans and pundits not knowing what to expect from the NFL Hall of Famer.

Before being hired at Colorado, Deion Sanders was the head coach of Jackson State, where he led the team to an undefeated 11-0 regular season in the 2022 campaign. Already causing national hype through the HBCU school, Sanders eventually landed the job with the Buffaloes, and despite the skeptics, he’s done nothing but thrive since then, already landing two five-star recruits in his first month.

None of this should be shocking either. Not only does everything he touches turn to gold, but at the introductory press conference, Sanders made it very clear that he was going to outwork everybody, and so were his players.

“We’re gonna outwork them, we’re gonna out-recruit them, we’re gonna out-scout them, we’re gonna out-develop. We’re going to get our education; we’re going to graduate these young men,” Sanders said. “These young men are going to be on campus respectful and considerate and kind; opening doors for you … they’re going to say, ‘Yes, sir, no sir and yes ma’am, no ma’am’ or they’re going to have to deal with me. That’s just the way I fathered, the way I parent, the way I coach. I’m old school.”


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At a recent team meeting, Deion Sanders railed into his players that they might be boys now, but they’ll leave the school as men — even saying that they’ll have a dress-code and be forced to sit in front of the class to be a “leader.”

“You send us a boy, we’ll send you back a man,“ Sanders said.


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I’ve always loved Deion Sanders, always will, and quite frankly when college football season starts back up, I’ll be rooting for the Buffaloes — I wanna see my man Deion shine. (RELATED: NFL Conference Championship Weekend Is Here! Here’s Everything You Need To Know (And Who’s Going To The Super Bowl))

Get ’em, king!