I Stepped Outside For A Smoke Late Last Night And Ended Up Filming A High-Speed Police Chase


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A high-speed police chase ended outside of my home in North Carolina on Thursday night, and my boyfriend caught the whole thing on camera.

My boyfriend Jon and I stepped outside some time around 10 p.m. so I could indulge in my guiltiest pleasure, an end-of-the-night Marlboro Red (I’ll quit when we start a family). Within a minute or  two, I could hear the thunderous chug of a truck flying down the road to the south of the farm.

“Are we about to witness a high-speed police chase?” I asked Jon. We moved out to the country for peace and quiet as the world descends into chaos and cataclysms. Our property sits between two T-junctions, so I was stunned when the truck came hurtling down the track with a cop car in tow.

“Well that was exciting,” I said, returning my attention to the peace and quiet of our rural home. But the chug-chug-chug of the truck’s engine didn’t disappear.

After a couple of minutes, Jon got his phone out, saying “I think they’re coming back.” And boy, did they. (RELATED: Study Reveals Latest Stupid Thing For Y’all To Complain About)

I have no idea how the driver managed to make a 180-turn on the northern end of the road, but he came speeding back past the house, almost crashing into another car traveling down the sleepy country road.

There’s a blind corner right at the end of the track up to our farm, so as the truck came past once again, I was terrified it would flip or smash into the unsuspecting car on the track. Thankfully, the driver went straight into the ditch, which we thought would stop him. But it didn’t!

The driver managed to make it all the way into a field opposite our house before his truck gave out. He was quickly swarmed by cop cars, but it took a while for him to get out of the truck. Jon and I assumed it was a younger male judging by the sound of his voice as he yelled that he was taking his seatbelt off to exit the vehicle.

Cops covered the entire road for a few hours, seemingly searching for something that the driver had thrown out of his window. I called the local police department, who said they were not part of the chase or arrest. Neither was our local sheriff’s department, and a call and voicemail to North Carolina Highway Patrol went unanswered as of this morning.

You can watch the full video here. I highly recommend turning your volume up so you can hear our commentary and the screech of the tires as this guy flew off the road: