Conservative Groups Are Building An Army Of Personnel To Take Over The Government

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Conservative organizations are coming together to develop well-trained personnel and a detailed policy agenda for the next presidential administration.

Project 2025, organized by The Heritage Foundation, is bringing together 45 conservative groups to develop policy and personnel for the next administration, Associate Director Spencer Chretien said in an editorial for The American Conservative. (RELATED: The Heritage Foundation Changes Tune On Wielding Government Power)

“For decades, as the left has continued its march through America’s institutions, conservatives have been outgunned and outmatched when it comes to the art of government,” Chretien writes. “More and more of our politicians are willing to use the government to achieve our vision, because the neutrality of ‘keeping the government out of it’ will lose every time to the left’s vast power.”

Project 2025 is creating a detailed policy book, online personnel database, interactive training sessions and a day one implementation plan for conservatives to govern effectively. More than 350 leading conservatives have contributed to the policy book, which “outlines a vision of conservative success at each federal agency during the next administration,” Chretien detailed.

The second initiative, a “conservative LinkedIn” will launch in March and give conservatives an opportunity to contend for government roles. (RELATED: Liberal Media Cried Wolf Over Trump But Now Their Real Bogeyman Is Rising)

Project 2025’s third proposal is a “Presidential Administration Academy” designed to “turn future conservative political appointees into experts in governmental effectiveness.” A deep knowledge of how to use power will prevent career federal bureaucrats from “tripping us up,” Chretien believes.

The final pillar of Project 2025’s vision is a plan to turn detailed policy ideas into “an implementation plan for each agency to advocate to the incoming administration” and effectively use the government to solve problems. It will ensure the next conservative administration is ready to counteract the “permanent political class” in two years, Chretien says in the editorial.

The group says its policy agenda will remain consistent regardless of who wins the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. “The work from this coalition will reflect where there are differences within the conservative movement and will provide candidates with a menu of options that they can choose from,” a spokesperson told the Daily Caller.

“A campaign may choose to adopt some aspects of the policy agenda that we provide them with, but we’re really working on bringing the movement together to provide candidates, and an eventual nominee, with a consensus of the policies conservatives hope to see from the next conservative president,” the spokesperson added.

Project 2025 builds off The Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate for Leadership,” which has provided guidance for presidential administrations since the Reagan era. The Trump administration relied heavily on Heritage’s “Mandate” for its policy agenda and embraced two-thirds of its proposals, the Project 2025 website states.

Paul Dans, Director of Project 2025, was the former chief of staff at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during the Trump administration. The coalition of conservative organizations includes various think tanks, publications, educational organizations, activist groups and legal organizations.