‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Is Setting Up Yet Another Spinoff Series

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone” fans should be getting ready for yet another spinoff series, but this one is coming with a twist.

Fans of the hit Taylor Sheridan-created cowboy series are somewhat used to spinoff series taking place in the past. We’ve had “1883,” the official origin story of the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch. This was quickly followed by “1923,” which is only halfway through airing at the time of writing, and is arguably the best series from the Sheridan universe thus far.

We know that Sheridan is working on the “Bass Reeves” series, another prequel that will likely air on Paramount+. But reports from The Wrap suggest that another show is coming for the Paramount Network focused on the “6666” ranch (pronounced Four Sixes) in Texas.

“Yellowstone” fans already know the 6666 Ranch. It’s where Jimmy (portrayed by Jefferson White), despite being a branded man, was made full cowboy, fell in love, and started his truly adult life, ranching with the blessing of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) at the end of season 4. Despite his move, Jimmy hasn’t left the “Yellowstone” story.

Right at the start of season 5, we checked in with Jimmy and his fiancée Emily (Katherine Kelly) as they happily built their life in Texas. Then, at the mid-season finale of season 5, we learned that Dutton and the boys from the bunkhouse had to head out of state for months on end to protect their herd. We don’t know exactly where they’re heading, but The Wrap suggested it might be back to Jimmy — or at least to Texas.

Unlike “Yellowstone,” which is a real ranch but was largely fictionalized for the show, the 6666 Ranch is a very real place, and Sheridan is technically one of the owners of the massive property. It was founded in 1900, and ripe with present-day and historic stories for development. (RELATED: Study Reveals The Insane Impact ‘Yellowstone’ Had On One State)

The cast has yet to be confirmed for “6666,” but it’s likely that Jimmy and Emily will lead the show. The show will also air on Paramount Network instead of Paramount+, according to The Wrap. We also don’t know when the show will air, but given the money being thrown at Sheridan to keep churning out iconic series, it’ll likely be on our screens sometime in the next year or so.