EXCLUSIVE: Graham Hancock Gives Epic Response To Those Ignoring Our Vulnerability In The Cosmos


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Writer and researcher Graham Hancock on Tuesday chatted exclusively with the Daily Caller, expanding on his answer to Big Archaeology’s ridiculous response to his recent projects.

Most know Graham Hancock and his work from his epic Netflix series, “Ancient Apocalypse,” as well as podcast interviews with everyone from Joe Rogan to Mike Tyson. His work is largely focused on a two-part theory of precursory civilizations to our own, and the vulnerabilities of ignoring our place in the cosmos. Hancock’s research is not limited by funding or close-minded approaches to understanding human history — he simply finds data and shares it for people like you and me.

The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) wrote an open letter to Netflix on Nov. 30, 2022, decrying Hancock’s work as racist pseudoscience. While plenty of people have come to Hancock’s defense, including myself, he wrote an expansive response to the letter and published it on his website Monday.

“After more than a century of professional archaeological investigations, we find no archaeological evidence to support the existence of an ‘advanced, global Ice Age civilization’ of the kind Hancock suggests,” the SAA claimed in its letter.

In response, Hancock stated what should have been obvious to Big Archaeology: “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,” which is further validated by the vast areas of our planet archaeologists have no data on … or certainly no data that they’re willing to share to dispel any of Hancock’s claims.

Speaking Tuesday with the Caller, Hancock said he is not a litigious person, and despite the defamatory, unsupported claims made by the SAA, he doesn’t plan to sue. Like a true renegade, Hancock and many of his peers are focusing their efforts on the science and exploration of our past.

“The important point to me is that I actually don’t, in ‘Ancient Apocalypse,’ disparage any individual archaeologist. I’m looking at archaeology as an institution, and I’ve looked into institutions before,” Hancock told the Daily Caller, referring to his book “Lords of Poverty,” which details his experience working as a correspondent in Africa and living within the work of the international aid business.

“I wasn’t attacking individual aid workers, I was attacking the institutional corruption of the whole business from the [United Nations] right through to governmental aid agencies,” Hancock continued.

He’s doing the same thing with Big Archaeology, whose response is to attack Hancock personally and not the institution, nor the science he’s developing without their support. In another post on his website, Hancock shared an article featuring University of Kansas professor John W. Hoopes, who, either knowingly or not, misinterpreted Hancock’s research and subsequently dispelled it. The Ohio History Connection even censored Hancock’s show, denying Hancock and his team from filming “Ancient Apocalypse” at Serpent Mound in Ohio, as he detailed in the show and in another blog post.

Calls to the SAA, Hoopes, the University of Kansas and the Ohio History Connection all went unanswered, despite my pleading for anyone to go on the record with me to talk strictly about the science.

So, what does this corruption or ignorance with Big Archaeology mean for people like you, me and even Hancock himself? Well, the SAA thankfully won’t touch the research on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, because we have plenty of proxy data that proves our planet is consistently bombarded with asteroids from our cosmos.

The issue is that without these so-called archaeological gatekeepers doing their damn job and establishing a fundamental understanding of how these impacts have shredded previous civilizations, we have no way of knowing how they will hit us again — and this isn’t an existential threat.

Just last week in late January, an asteroid the size of a minibus flew lower than some of our orbiting satellites, and NASA apparently didn’t even pick up on it until an amateur astronomer reported his findings. Can you imagine how much safer we would be as a civilization if Big Archaeology acknowledged the data, added to it and presented NASA and global governments with evidence of our past cataclysms so we might prepare for the next, and there will be a next time.

As the old adage goes, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Not only is Big Archaeology refusing to learn from history by not exploring the evidence presented by Hancock, but the people running this intellectual oligarchy are literally silencing those doing the work they should be doing themselves. (RELATED: Ancient Mayan Cities And ‘Super Highways’ Revealed In Shocking Study)

This behavior poses a huge threat to our current civilization, to the point that the people funding Big Archaeology are seemingly purposefully misleading their backers. It has to stop, but that will only happen once enough light illuminates our precarious place in the cosmos … and that light can only come from open-minded people calling for it to shine.