Kevin Costner Reportedly Does One Thing When He’s Annoyed At ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Kevin Costner, who plays the lead character in hit Paramount+ series, “Yellowstone,” reportedly has one tell when he’s annoyed at series creator Taylor Sheridan, according to an interview with another cast member.

In a conversation on the “Monday Morning Critic” podcast, actor Rudy Ramos discussed working on the hit series and the observations he’s made of Sheridan and Costner. Even though Costner is an executive producer on the hit cowboy series, Sheridan always has final say over production, and occasionally that doesn’t sit well with Costner, according to Ramos.

“There’s a real trust between those two, you see them talking all the time and they’re not arguing,” Ramos said during the interview. “If Kevin’s not agreeing with him, you can see his right foot starts pawing at the ground.”

Ramos portrays the character of Felix Long, Monica’s grandfather, on the series, but he has an extensive history in cinema, including credits in “The Enforcer,” “The Driver,” “Defiance,” “Quicksilver,” “Beverly Hills Cop II” and “Colors.”

Apparently filming “Yellowstone” isn’t the only time Costner’s tell has emerged on screen. “I see him do that in the movies, too, when he’s getting upset a little bit,” Ramos continued. “On the show, he’ll start pawing like a horse like, ‘Come on, tie me loose.’” (RELATED: Here’s A Rundown Of Every Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Show)

Considering just how powerful both Sheridan and Costner are in their own right, it’s quite inspiring to hear that these two heavyweights do not argue. What a testament to both of them, and a great example to set for young men.