Police Arrest Man Found With 16 Types Of US Identification, 47 Debit Cards

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Cyndi O'Brien Contributor
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Police officers in Miami-Dade County, Florida, reportedly arrested a man found with 16 types of U.S. identifications and 47 debit cards.

Luis Bonachea, 32, was arrested Sunday, Jan. 29, in Sweetwater, Florida, reported Local 10 Miami. Police allegedly found 16 different forms of U.S. identification, including driver’s licenses and Social Security cards, and 47 debit cards, in Bonachea’s wallet and car.

Police charged Bonachea, who appeared in Miami-Dade County court Monday, with a third-degree felony. He is facing “16 counts of unlawful possession of the personal identification of five or more persons,” reported Local 10 Miami. The debit cards were linked with non-U.S. banks, according to the arrest report.

Bonachea lives near the Kendall West community in the state. He was being held at the Turner Guilford Correctional Center Knight Correctional Center on Monday afternoon, according to the local news outlet. (RELATED: Tennessee Man Wanted For Decades Has True Identity Revealed After Receiving COVID Vaccine, According To Police)

Identify theft continues to pose a serious problem for Americans, according to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection. The latest 2023 report shows that identify theft losses have cost Americans $5.8 billion.

“People who like posting things online frequently are usually at a higher risk of identity theft,” reported the National Council, which advises citizens to protect their personal information as carefully as possible.