‘No Offense To Them’: Miami Staffer Slams Alabama In Attempt To Woo Recruits

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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South Beach livin’ is pretty darn good.

University of Miami Hurricanes staffer Mike Rumph has a very interesting pitch for recruits: bashing Alabama.

If you’re not familiar with Rumph, he’s the director of on-campus recruiting for the Canes, which means that it’s his duty to talk high school football players into coming to the 305. Some might say it’s a bit of a tough sell given they haven’t won a national championship since 2001. But, they’re still The U with five rings on their fingers. And not just that — they’re in the greatest city in the world: Miami, Florida. Rumph is using it as a play to land elite players.

“Who doesn’t want to be in Miami? This ain’t Tuscaloosa where Sundays, Saturdays might be great, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you’re still in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. No offense to them, but this is Miami,” said Rumph.

It appears that the South Florida card is working too, considering the Hurricanes currently have the seventh-best recruiting class in the nation for 2023, according to 247Sports. However, not everybody is impressed, as the video of Rumph showed four-star quarterback Julian Sayin behind him, who happens to be a hard commit to the University of Alabama. He had quite the reaction when Rumph was explaining the ways of paradise.

People can talk trash all they want, but everything Mike Rumph is saying here is absolutely on point, and like I’ve already pointed out, it’s obviously working with the Canes having the seventh-best recruiting class in the nation.

“The Miami lifestyle won’t help you get a ring.” The Hurricanes have five, which is tied for sixth all-time in the AP Top 25 era.

“The Miami lifestyle won’t help you get into the NFL.” The Hurricanes have 355 total NFL Draft picks throughout their entire program history, which isn’t that far behind Alabama’s 391.

Some of the opinions that I have heard and read around this story just aren’t accurate. There’s a lot of gasbagging going around with no statistical basis attached to it, so I figured I’d bring the accurate numbers your way. Miami outsiders are just taking advantage of the opportunity to hate on Miami, both the program and the city (which is the same ol’, same ol’ “they hate us because they ain’t us” attitude), so I had to bring some clarity your way.

And with Julian Sayin … Let’s not act like Alabama has a large mountain of superstar quarterbacks. Hell, even if Jalen Hurts (who is in the Super Bowl now with the Philadelphia Eagles) was benched for concussion-prone Tua Tagovailoa. Julian Sayin will be the typical Crimson Tide quarterback — an average player at best who is surrounded by national championship talent. He is and will be nothing special. I’m just Sayin … (RELATED: ‘That’s Just The Way I Fathered’: Deion Sanders Already Setting The Tone For Colorado Players)

And Rumph is right. Why on earth would you want to live in Tuscaloosa when you can live and party in South Beach?

Speaking as somebody who lived in Miami for a period of time, I can tell you … It’s one of the greatest cities that you will ever experience. No … It is the greatest city that you will ever experience. And judging by the recruiting numbers (thanks to Dade County), they’ll soon have the winning swag back to go with the palm tree lifestyle.

Take it to the bank, haters.