60-Year-Old Man Dies After Brawl At Middle School Basketball Game

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Carson Choate Contributor
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A 60-year-old man was killed after a brawl broke out during a Tuesday basketball ball game at a local middle school.

The fight broke out during a basketball game held at Alburgh Community Education Center in Vermont. Police were called to the scene at around 7 p.m., local news channel WCAX reported. One attendant, Russell Giroux, died after being transported to a local hospital. An autopsy was conducted but officials have not yet released his cause of death.

A large group of adults in the crowd jumped onto the court where a brawl ensued. A video of the incident, obtained by WCAX, appears to show both adults and students engaging in the brawl.

Jay Nichols, the executive director of the Vermont Principals’ Association, said he spoke to the referee of the game but not even he knew what started the brawl, according to the outlet.

“They were reffing the game and the next thing he knew people were out on the court punching each other. There was one person that had blood all over their face, they got a parent to call the police,” Nichols said. (RELATED: Police Say Mom Punched Several Kids And A Referee During Middle School Basketball Game)

Grand Isle State’s Attorney Doug DiSabito, an Alburgh resident, condemned those who engaged in the fight and said anyone involved should be prosecuted.

“When we get the video footage, I would say anybody engaged in that behavior is engaged in disorderly conduct, which is against the law,” DiSabito said, according to WCAX.

Nichols, whose organization oversees high school sports, said parents need to realize that the games are not made to entertain them, but rather to educate students.

“Spectators have an obligation to behave appropriately. Student-athletes are participating in these contests. It’s for educational purposes, it’s not for adult entertainment,” Nichols said, according to WCAX. “We ask all attendees at these events to please behave in an appropriate manner. And if they can’t do so, not only can they be barred from the event, but they can also face criminal charges.”