‘I Did Him So Bad’: Tape Allegedly Shows Murder Suspect React To Graphic Photos Of His Dead Son


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Law enforcement in South Carolina believe they got a possible confession Tuesday from accused murderer Alex Murdaugh.

Murdaugh, 54, an attorney from South Carolina, was charged with two counts of murder in July 2022 in relation to his 22-year-old son Paul, and 55-year-old wife Maggie’s deaths in June 2021. Both were shot dead at the family’s hunting property.

Sate Law Enforcement Division senior special agent Jeff Croft testified on Tuesday that Murdaugh sobbed and said, “I did him so bad,” when he was shown a gruesome photograph of his dead son, according to the New York Post. Croft said he was “100% confident” that Murdaugh made the claim during an interview.

His attorneys refuted the claim, saying that Murdaugh actually said, “They did him so bad.” During cross-examination Tuesday, defense attorney Jim Griffin asked croft “What were the things going through your mind when you heard, or misheard, ‘I did him so bad?’ I wasn’t a good dad? I spoiled him? Or, I killed him?”

Croft said that the comment was “definitely something we needed to follow up on.” Croft further claimed that he did not ask for immediate clarification of Murdaugh’s comment because he didn’t want to disrupt any cooperation during the investigation. (RELATED: Four Relatives Killed In Suspected Murder-Suicide)

A recording of the tape will be played for the jury so they can make up their own mind regarding the comment, the NY Post continued. Murdaugh has maintained his innocence throughout the trial.