Extra Footage Of Dramatic ‘No-Call’ Proves Once Again That Everything Surrounding LeBron James Is Overhyped

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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What if I told you … all of the hype was for nothing?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics squared off Jan. 28, and as many of us know, it was the Celtics who pulled out a 125-121 overtime victory. But it would be outshined because of an apparent no-call and a complete meltdown from LeBron James afterwards.

And just like everything with LeBron, it’s overhyped, because when you examine the play even further, the referees were technically right in making a no-call.

Near the end of the game with the score tied up 105-105, the self-proclaimed “King” drove into the paint to attempt a layup. However, he was unable to land the shot after getting hit on the arm by Boston’s Jayson Tatum. Despite a complete overreaction from LeBron, no foul was called by refs and the game ended up going into overtime where the Lakers eventually fell.

After LeBron’s freakout, Los Angeles Lakers fans, supporters of LBJ and a solid amount of pundits in sports media went on and on and on … and on about how LeBron got screwed and that the NBA is out to get him.

It turns out that isn’t the case at all. Not only did the “King” get his ass kissed by the referees after the fact, but they actually did him a favor right before the Tatum play by not calling him for a travel. (RELATED: Chelsea Signs Enzo Fernandez For English Premier League Record Fee Of €120.1 Million)

New baseline footage has been released to show the play at another angle, and when examined, LeBron actually took three huge steps to the hoop before he got to Tatum. If you’re not aware of basketball rules, that would be a travel, and to make it worse, it was clear as day, but LeBron ended up getting away with it — just like Tatum with his foul.

What did I tell you?

Everything surrounding LeBron James is overhyped and here we go again.