REPORT: Oakland Athletics Ownership Meeting With Las Vegas Strip Operators For Possible Move To Sin City

(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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We’re getting closer and closer to a Vegas baseball team — so (bleeping) cool.

Oakland Athletics ownership is headed back to Las Vegas on Feb. 1 as they continue their push for a possible relocation to Sin City, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A person with knowledge of the situation told the newspaper that A’s owner John Fisher and president Dave Kaval will be on the north Strip meeting with multiple resort operators.

In mid-January, I blogged about how the Athletics were interested in two different sites — the north Strip festival grounds and the Tropicana site on the south — where a flashy $1 billion retractable domed stadium would be built. And from the sounds of it back then, it appeared that the A’s were zoning in on the Tropicana after there weren’t any discussions for months between the franchise and Las Vegas Festival Grounds owner and casino tycoon Phil Ruffin

However, a person with knowledge of the situation reportedly said the 39-acre site is still in play as a possible location.

Oh man … My dream of getting sloppy drunk in Las Vegas and then walking to a baseball game on the Strip is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

And on top of that, I’m already planning on loading up on Las Vegas Athletics merchandise, which by the way, should be the team name — you can’t switch up the Athletics brand name with how prestigious it is, and you’ve got to keep the swaggy A’s nickname to go with it. (RELATED: Lawsuit Claims Baltimore Orioles Ownership At War With Each Other After Accusations Of ‘Draining’ Millions Of Dollars)

And here’s another thing I suggest: Let’s get rid of the WNBA team so the Athletics can use ‘Aces’ as a nickname. It would also fit into the A’s brand.

Ownership should hire me as a consultant, I can set up something nice here.