EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Jr. Lays Out Plans For New ‘Triggered’ Podcast

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Donald Trump Jr. gave a preview of what his new podcast, “Triggered,” will look like and discussed what he hopes to accomplish in an exclusive interview Thursday with the Daily Caller.

Trump Jr. signed a multi-year seven-figure deal with Rumble. A source tells the Caller that the expectations were for about 75,000 viewers per episode. However, Trump Jr.’s first three episodes have received over 1.5 million views. The current plan is for Trump Jr. to release two episodes per week, with one episode focused on his take on the political issues of the day and the other episode featuring a long-form interview with a special guest. The podcast will not just focus on politics and will tackle nonpolitical issues such as hunting, fishing and much more.

“I think it’s nice to be on a platform that sort of like lets you say what needs to be said in a way that doesn’t have the controls that you get everywhere else. And That means YouTube. That would mean corporate media. I think it’s really nice to be on a platform that actually believes in free speech where you can say the things that you’re actually thinking and not worry about after years of building a platform that someone decides they don’t like your talking points of the day and decides to throw you off like YouTube or frankly, most of social right now,” he told the Caller during a phone interview.

Trump Jr. also says he will have guests from outside of the political world. He told the Caller that he had been debating offers from podcast companies for several years now but ultimately decided to go with Rumble due to their commitment to free speech.

“I think the reality is having a lot of the bigger names in conservatism, but I think also integrating, you know, something beyond just politics. I think, you know, I’m blessed to be able to do a lot of cool stuff around the world and meet interesting people. And not all of that has to do with the political realm. Obviously, I fight for the things that I believe in. I’ve become, you know, a very vocal voice in the fight for free speech and for liberty and all of the things that I used to think all Americans believe in. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but doesn’t mean I want to be fighting for that. So I think we could see a really interesting array, you know, as we go further down the line,” Trump Jr. said. (RELATED: New 2024 Poll Shows Donald Trump Jr. Ahead Of Pence)


McCarthy’s first interview on his new podcast was with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. Signs 7-Figure Podcast Deal)

Trump Jr. also mentioned that he will talk about his passion for hunting and the outdoors on his podcast.

“I think that’s the part of my life that gets pretty interesting. It pisses off some people, but again, I guess it’s called triggered for a reason. So we can have fun with that,” he said.

“The other aspect of Rumble that’s sort of interesting is sort of the interactive nature of people responding to comments and just sort of being able to go back and forth with the flow. That’s what I love always about public speaking is I can get up there, speak for an hour. I don’t even have a speech. But like if you’re impassioned enough, you know, the audience almost starts playing along and they’re going and you can see what they’re liking and talk about that further and they’ll give you the lead, you know, so we can actually talk about all the things that they really want to talk about and have that component sort of be a little bit more interactive,” Trump Jr. added.