‘Is He Spaced Out?’: Jesse Watters Asks Why Trudeau ‘Didn’t Give’ A ‘Warning’ About Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon

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James Lynch Contributor
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Fox News Host Jesse Watters questioned why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “didn’t give us a little warning” about a Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana.

Watters was interviewing Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, a senior fellow at national security think tank Defense Priorities, about a suspected Chinese reconnaissance balloon detected by U.S. officials flying over Montana. The balloon reportedly flew over Canada and the Aleutian Islands before it reached U.S. territory, according to the Wall Street Journal.


“And what’s up with Trudeau? Is he spaced out? He didn’t give us a little warning that the Chinese were flying spy balloons across his territory,” Watters asked. (RELATED: Jesse Watters Announces Major Life News On-Air)

“Yeah. Little surprised by that, too. I hope it’s that they did and we just — that wasn’t reported as opposed to them not knowing and not saying anything. I guess the fact that we tracked it coming over the Aleutian islands, apparently we were aware of it,” Davis responded.

“But, you know, I have got to agree with you there. I mean, look, if we were worried about any ground clutter, knowing where that thing is, we could have tracked and cleared the ground there and then knocked it down if we wanted to. I’m not sure what we think we gained. But, you know, I probably would have done with you. I probably would have popped it, ” he added.

U.S. officials reportedly considered shooting down the balloon over a sparsely populated area of Montana after it flew over sensitive sites, the Wall Street Journal reported. President Biden reportedly proposed the balloon be shot down but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin advised against it.