‘All Hell’s Going To Break Loose’: Jordan Peterson Predicts Dire Consequences For Hospitals Transitioning Children

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Clinical psychologist and author Jordan Peterson on Wednesday predicted dire consequences will arise for hospitals that perform gender transition procedures on children.

Peterson argued hospitals conducting sex reassignment surgeries on children will backfire because medical professionals do not properly evaluate youth who identify as transgender. He said the U.S. has not accepted “all hell’s going to break loose” in the near future.

“They figured out, in the U.K., that the rates of transgender— transformation requests were skyrocketing,” he told podcaster Joe Rogan. “And even the people at the clinic knew that they were rushing people along the transformation pipeline way faster than they should’ve without proper clinical evaluation … We’re still where the U.K. was three or four years ago. We haven’t woken up to the fact that all hell’s going to break loose on this front.”

“It’s absolutely appalling,” he continued.

Peterson argued 90% of children who identify as transgender eventually accept their biological sex by ages 18 or 19, and a large portion of those who undergo a sex change operation are homosexual. He warned the LGBTQ community will not be able to “hold up under that sort of reality.” (RELATED: Children’s Hospital Employee Admits Facility Performs Child Sex Change Surgeries: REPORT)

The psychologist argued the chances of having a transgender child are very slim, and thus there is a higher probability of them being the child of a “devouring mother” or parent. He pointed to Disney’s 20th Television President Karey Burke, who is a mother of transgender and pansexual children.

“I just thought mathematically right away, it’s like, the chance you have a trans kid is one in 3,000,” Peterson said. “That’s not a very high chance. And let’s say the chance that you have a pansexual kid is the same, whatever pansexual means. I don’t even know how to calculate those odds. But whatever that is, is rarer than trans, because no one ever even heard about it ’til five years ago. So the joint probability that you have a trans kid and a pansexual kid is one in 9 million.”

“The odds that you’re a pathological narcissist sacrificing your own children to the glorification of your compassion, is 8,999, 999 to one. So do you have a trans kid and a pansexual kid, or are you a devouring mother?” he continued. “Well, you can look at the odds and decide for yourself.”

Boston Children’s Hospital posted a since-deleted video in August promoting hysterectomies — the surgical removal of the uterus — as a form of so-called “gender-affirming care.” The hospital later updated the guidance on its website to read, “to qualify for vaginoplasty at Boston Children’s Hospital, you must be at least 18 years old and meet criteria.”

The Medical University of South Carolina previously offered cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to children ages 4-18. The hospital shut down its pediatric gender program in December 2022 following pressure from Republicans in the state.