Grouchy Activist Upset That YouTuber Paid For The Blind To See

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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An activist named Nina Turner is seemingly upset that a YouTuber paid for medical treatment to help blind people, per one of Turner’s latest tweets.

Let me explain. YouTube star MrBeast helped 1,000 blind people see again by paying for their cataract surgeries. If you have not seen this video, you need to. It’s heartwarming!

In typical activist fashion, Nina Turner said, “People shouldn’t have to rely on rich YouTubers to receive medical treatment.”

Here’s my response.

People in the comments were blasting this activist for her stupid tweet. Someone named Joseph Shultz said, “Nina sees someone doing something good. Nina: ‘how can I make this something to complain about?'”

Someone else had a more eloquent take on this.

Chris Manning said, “Nina is so against personal charity it’s sad. A man does a good thing and Nina’s response; the government should have done it. How dare he do something kind for another human without the State. A government capable of providing you everything is capable of taking everything.”


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