It Is Looking Pretty Clear At This Point Who Aaron Rodgers Will Play For Next Season

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I’m ready to place a pre-order for an Aaron Rodgers Raiders jersey … because this man is definitely going to Vegas.

Over the weekend — and what an incredible weekend it was for QB12 — Green Bay Packers quarterback (for now) Aaron Rodgers competed in the team portion of the 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. If you didn’t know, Rodgers actually won his event, getting his name on the Wall of Champions that features legends such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

Rodgers, who was partnered with professional Ben Silverman, won the team championship.

But impressive as that is, there’s a much bigger story that came out of the tournament: Aaron Rodgers is absolutely going to the Las Vegas Raiders.

There are so many developments that happened, so stay with me here.

First off, let’s start with Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to Raiders fans, and check out the big cheese that Rodgers had throughout all of the clips:

And then you have the fact that he actually addressed it and referred to the Raiders by name in an interview:

With the “I miss Davante too” quote from Aaron, remember my recent blog on Davante Adams and how he suggested that Rodgers was going to be a Las Vegas Raider next season?

Yeah, there are more developments on him as well.

Sam Barrington, who was a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers from 2013-2016, tweeted out what he’s been hearing:

Davante Adams liked that tweet, and then on top of that, tweeted “House shopping is fun…” referencing the “Mine” tweet, which you can see my complete breakdown on here.

Then you had Davante do this at the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games:

Also, remember in another recent blog of mine when I was talking about how New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas told NFL people at the Senior Bowl that his team was going “all out” in an attempt to get Aaron Rodgers. And remember how I said that it’s going to come down to either the Jets or Raiders?

And do you also remember how I said he would ultimately pick Las Vegas out of the two?

In a now-deleted tweet from @jasrifootball, the account reported that “Aaron Rodgers has told his agent that he would rather play for the Raiders than the Jets, per @BadBoyOfScoops, @AthletesFirst. There’s no income tax in Las Vegas and Rodgers could reunite with his old friend Davante Adams.” (RELATED: Rachol West-Chachere Calls Out Sydney Warner For Being ‘Soft’ After She Slammed The Philadelphia Eagles Fan Base)

At this point, I think we can say: Aaron Rodgers is definitely going to the Las Vegas Raiders — he’s clearly loving all of the attention from Raiders fans. And, oh my God, he is going to swag out in that black and silver — having the keys to Sin City. So dope.

Oh yeah, I definitely have to get a jersey, and those guys will most certainly be my second favorite team behind my Miami Dolphins in 2023. This team is going to have way too much swag to not like them. Shout out to Vegas, man!

Let’s get it, Raiders fans! THE RAAAIIIDDDAAAZZZ! Did I do it, right?