Here Are The 10 Most ‘Holy Sh*t!’ Moments From The Grammy Awards

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The 65th annual Grammy Awards, hosted at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday night, featured some must-see, jaw-dropping moments.

Some of these epic moments are being hailed as among the biggest award show fails, while others were such a hit that they’ll be worthy of discussion for quite some time.

Beyonce Came Out Late

One of the biggest bombs was Beyonce’s inability to show up on time. In spite of all the pre-award-show hype that suggested she was going to win big, Beyonce couldn’t pull herself together. She wasn’t in the building when she won the award for the Best R&B Song for “Cuff It,” and Trevor Noah put her on blast for being stuck in traffic. Nile Rodgers accepted on her behalf.

Madonna Was A Mess

Madonna took the small stage at the Grammys to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras, and she probably just shouldn’t have. Her face looked puffy and distorted, and at age 64, it was just plain weird to see her standing there while holding a whip. Her jokes flatlined and she had to ask the crowd to cheer during her monologue, yet still couldn’t get them engaged.

Aaron Carter’s Death Was Overlooked

In a heartfelt tribute to recent artists that have recently passed away, Aaron Carter fans noticed he was completely overlooked. He died in November, so it hasn’t been long enough for the academy to forget. His fans are loudly reminding them and have been vocal about their disappointment.

Hip Hop Legends United

The biggest names in Hip Hop celebrated the 50th anniversary of the music genre by uniting generations of artists that came together to grace the stage. Rakim, Queen Latifah to Busta Rhymes and Public Enemy were joined by Lil Baby, Melle Mel and GloRilla. The performance also included Questlove, Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt n Pepa, Scarface, Ice-T, Queen Latifah, Method Man of the Wu Tang Clan, Big Boi, Missy Elliot, Nelly, Lil Baby, Swizz Beatz & The Lox, Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Jazzy Jeff and many more. Eminem continued his boycott of the Grammys and was notably missing.

The Last Supper Was Created In The Most Blasphemous Way

DJ Khalid brought Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, John Legend, Friday and JAY-Z to the stage for his performance of “God Did,” and he opted to set the stage to appear like a glorified version of Leonardo da Vinci’s paining of The Last Supper. Vines of fruit and lush greens cascaded across an oversized table while the Hip Hop moguls took their seats at the table and gave credit to their Creator. This blasphemous version of the sacred Christian reference happened to also include rappers singing at the table, and Jay-Z making a gun motion with his hand.

Shania Twain’s Hair Was A Red Hot Disaster

Shania Twain is making a comeback and she definitely wanted to be noticed. She appeared to the Grammys with fire-red hair that was too bold, too bright, and far too mismatched to be pulled off successfully. She was barely recognizable in her red hot disaster, but that might be a good thing.(RELATED: Megan Fox Stirs Up Fan Curiosity After Arriving To Grammys With Pink Cast And Concussion)

Trevor Noah Killed The Show

Who asked this guy to host, and why? The jokes were dry and they didn’t stick. He tried to be overly friendly as he joked with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, but all it did was give off creepy vibes. The night ran too long, and that’s all his fault. He didn’t need to chat it out so much – nobody was listening to him anyways.

The Fan Segment Was A Bore

We’re not sure why, but a large group of fans was featured at this year’s Grammys and were given far too much air time. They chatted at a round table while the cameras rolled and weighed in on who they thought should/would each award. It was a snooze-fest to watch them engage with one another. Fans tuned in to see celebrities, not randoms.

Quavo Honored Takeoff In An Emotional Tribute

Quavo held up the late Takeoff’s chains and sang while they dangled from his hands, as he paid tribute to his fallen friend at the Grammys. The Migos rapper took the stage with the Maverick City Music choir as he belted out the lyrics to his song “Without You.” The choir emphasized his lyric and joined in to provide vocals for the line, “I wish I had a time machine, just so you can take a ride with me,” they sang in perfectly harmonized voices.

The Transgender Community Got A Historic Win

Kim Petras made history Sunday when she became the first openly transgender pop artist to win a Grammy. She took home the hardware and accepted the award alongside Sam Smith for their collaborative hit, “Unholy.” “I just want to thank all the incredible transgender legends performing who kicked these doors open for me so I could be here tonight,” she said at the podium.