‘Democrats Are Just Better At Governing’: Reid Gushes Over Biden, Says GOP Only Seems Better Because Of Theatrics

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid gushed over President Joe Biden on Monday night ahead of his State of the Union address, arguing that Democrats are better leaders all around when compared to Republicans.

Reid began praising Biden, saying it would be hard for any Democrat to take the 2024 nomination from him.

“There’s a lot of accomplishments he could run for re-election on,” Reid said. “The big infrastructure bill, which is putting just a trillion dollars on the table for states. Inflation Reduction Act, lowest unemployment since May 1969, lowering prescription drug costs, passed the most significant gun control legislation in 30 years, the largest investment in combatting climate change.”

Reid, however, then begrudgingly claimed that “Republicans are better at the stage show and Democrats are just better at governing. Sometimes they’re so busy governing that they’re not actually selling.” (RELATED: Biden’s Support Among Dems Plummets)

“You got to always be selling in politics,” she added.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found the highest number of Americans in four decades say they are worse off under the current administration. The poll found that four in 10 Americans say their financial situation has worsened since Biden took office, which is “the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years,” according to ABC News. Only 16% of those polled said they were better off under Biden.

The same poll found roughly six in 10 self-described Democratic adults do not want Biden to win the 2024 nomination for the Democratic Party.