REPORT: Elementary School Starts BIPOC Student Group That Bars White Kids

(Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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An elementary school in Olympia, Washington, has reportedly started an affinity group for students who are “black, indigenous, and people of color” (BIPOC) and excludes white students, according to an email.

The email shared on Facebook by Republican Washington State representative Jim Walsh shows Principal Shannon Ritter telling parents, “we have a 5th grade BIPOC student group that meets weekly during their lunch time.”

“At this time, this group is limited to students who identify as BIPOC,” the email continues. “For these students, this space allows them to hang out, check in and possibly talk about their experiences as a student in the minority as they build community, connections and confidence. It is primarily a safe space for them.”

The school confirmed the authenticity of the email to the Daily Caller.

“The fact that this is occurring in an elementary school makes it even more problematic from a legal perspective. The age of the students, coupled with the principal’s email re: this ‘club,’ makes it apparent that this is not a primarily student-led decision but rather one being generated and defended by the school itself,” attorney Mark Lamb said on the Jason Rantz Show.

In a statement provided to the Daily Caller, the Olympia School District said they planned to remove the exclusions.

“Groups like this are important for elevating voices and are instrumental in helping our district design a responsive educational experience that meets the needs of all students. At the same time, we recognize that they cannot be exclusionary. Moving forward, we will ensure that school leadership and staff are specific about the purpose of these groups, while simultaneously removing any exclusions to participation.”