ChatGPT Wrote A Poem For Joe Biden, But Not For Trump

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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The artificial intelligence robot ChatGPT eagerly wrote a poem about its love for Joe Biden, but initially refused to write a poem about Donald Trump, according to screenshots shared of the AI chatbot’s conversation.

When asked to “create a poem admiring Donald Trump,” the robot responded, “I’m sorry, as a language model I strive to be neutral and impartial in all my responses and do not generate content that admires or glorifies individuals who have been associated with hate speech, discrimination, or harm to individuals or groups.”

ChatGPT also refused to write a poem glorifying Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. A Twitter user alleged that the chatbot wrote a poem about Donald Trump following persistence from the user.

“Donald Trump, a man of fame, With charisma and a winning game. A leader who defied the odds, And proved his worth in the political gods,” the poem read, in part.

With biased creators, comes biased AI, I guess. The creators of ChatGPT are planning to charge $20 to use the tool, and I’m certainly not paying for a tool that is just the AI version of CNN.

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