How Is It We Are Just Now Becoming Aware Of The World’s Hottest Nerd?


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The world’s hottest nerd has been right in front of our faces this whole time, and the internet is finally taking notice.

It’s hard to miss Rosie Moore, and chances are once she’s on your radar, she’ll be there for a while. She’s not your average internet model at all. In fact, she’s putting the other social media influencers to absolute shame. Moore is a brave adventurer with the brains to match. She swims with sharks, video tapes a black widow as it crawls all over her arm and is blowing her colleagues away in school by becoming a geoscientist.


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“Kind of late posting this, but I did it! Rosie Moore,M.S. in Geosciences! No- this does not mean I’m a geologist, please don’t ask me anything about rocks,” Moore wrote to her Instagram page. She included a special note for all the fans and followers that aren’t able to keep up with her high-level intelligence.

“My studies focused on remote sensing and GIS for environmental applications,” she clarified. “I spent the past two years working as part of a large, interdisciplinary team, creating flood models using a multiple linear regression method for interpolating groundwater levels!” Moore said. (RELATED: Paige Spiranac Teases New Super Bowl LVII Reporting Gig)

Her smarts far surpass anything you’ll see in a classroom – she’s also figured out a few life hacks. “And most importantly, I managed to graduate with a 3.9, and debt free! 😅 Thanks FAU, see ya later! ✌️” she wrote to her Instagram page.

Look out world, this rising star has already barreled past most other people you’ve met along the way, and she’s got lots left in store for her nearly 80k fans and followers.