‘Shrill Hysteria’: Reid Says GOP Made A Huge Deal Out Of Chinese Spy Balloon

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid said Monday night that Republicans made a huge deal out of the Chinese spy balloon with little reason.

“Republicans freak out over a Chinese spy balloon, just one, because apparently Chinese spy balloons are the most important item on their agenda,” Reid said.

“At this point, you probably know that the Chinese spy balloon is no longer aloft. Over the weekend, an F-22 raptor shot it down off the coast of South Carolina. U.S. forces have collected parts of the debris and are studying its capabilities to better understand China’s true intent. You also probably got wind of the Republican Party’s shrill hysteria over the balloon,” she added.

Reid then played a montage of several Republican legislators criticizing Biden’s response to the balloon before saying that Republicans hadn’t been this outraged since a giant balloon mocking former President Donald Trump flew in London.

Reid went on to claim Republicans just show a “lack of basic seriousness” and called their outrage a “performance,” arguing that this has happened before, noting that the Pentagon said it tracks “hundreds of balloons.” (RELATED: ‘Suggester In Chief’: Gingrich Says Military Ignored Biden’s Request To Shoot Down Spy Balloon)

Officials told POLITICO that the Department of Defense tracks “hundreds” of balloons daily but they usually do not pose any threats. One Pentagon official then told the outlet, however, that “this one” that was spotted last week did catch the attention of senior leaders because it was “completely out of the ordinary,” despite Reid’s claim that the Pentagon wasn’t too concerned.