‘We Spy On Them, They Spy On Us’: Whoopi Goldberg Brushes Off Concern Over Chinese Spy Balloon

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg appeared unconcerned about the Chinese surveillance balloon hanging over the U.S.

The surveillance balloon entered U.S. airspace and flew over the nation’s mainland in violation of international law. The U.S. military took down the balloon Saturday as it traveled eastward over the coast of South Carolina.

“The View” co-hosts sounded the alarm that China is “sending a message” to the U.S. by launching the balloon. Co-host Ana Navarro pointed fingers at Republicans for expressing outrage at the administration for allowing it to remain in the airspace for days.

“They [China] love this. They love that Republicans turned this into this big drama, that there’s senators shooting at it. This is about exercises in the South China Seas, they have satellites all over the place. They wanted this thing to be spied,” Navarro said. “If you’re going to spy, you’re not going to send a giant balloon all across the United States for a week. Chinese know how to spy. They can do it better. They wanted to create a national crisis, an international crisis. They wanted it to be elevated and be visible and be talked about.”

While Alyssa Farah Griffin criticized the delay in destroying the balloon, she commended Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for cancelling his trip to China over the incident. Goldberg, however, gave a different take on the situation. (RELATED: Biden Refuses To Address Questions On Chinese ‘Surveillance’ Balloon)

“We spy on them, they spy on us. We find out stuff, they find out stuff, and the world keeps going around,” Goldberg said.

China’s foreign ministry confirmed that the balloon was launched by their government, but assured it was intended solely for meteorological purposes. Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder disputed this claim arguing it was used for “surveillance” purposes.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president was briefed about the balloon Tuesday and had been advised not to shoot it down given that it could pose a “risk” to civilians on the ground. He ordered the Pentagon to take action on the balloon as it had been believed it was spying on “strategic sites” in the U.S.