HISTORIC: ‘Unrecognizable’ Madonna Completes First Ever Human-To-Muppet Transition


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Madonna’s appearance at the Grammy’s on Sunday confirmed to fans that she has officially completed her transition into a live-action Jim Henson’s Muppet.

The 64-year-old legendary singer is becoming stranger and more unrelatable with each successive appearance, and the once-iconic star is now the butt of endless jokes on social media. Her face is unrecognizable, and Twitter has erupted with memes and crass comments about the very obvious mess she’s made of herself.

Madge was the laughing stock of the Grammy awards, and has gained post-Grammy popularity for all the wrong reasons. Her bloated-looking face seemed too big for her body and didn’t at all resemble the music legend her fans have spent the last four decades admiring.

Comments posted to social media include “Madonna looks good for her age… if her age is 2,700 year old vampire who eats babies and small animals alive,” while others used terms like “unrecognizable,” “allergic reaction” and “Embalmed Muppet.”

The internet isn’t loving anything about her new look, and her dry humor and complete inability to engage with the audience only made the situation worse. (RELATED: Madonna Abruptly Halts Production Of Her Biopic)

Madonna has always been known for bringing shock-value to her shows, but the absolute horror show she’s made of her face is likely not what she’d want to be remembered for.

If her team cares about her, they’ll keep her tucked inside her home (coffin?) next time.