Based On SOTU, Bret Baier Takes A Stab At Guessing Biden’s 2024 Campaign Slogan

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Bret Baier opined Tuesday night that President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign slogan, should he run, would be “let’s finish the job.”

Biden gave his second State of the Union address, talking for approximately 72 minutes before a split Congress.

“The president touting a list of what he called major success and a story of America, a story of progress and resilience,” Baier said. “The repeated line in this speech, ‘let’s finish the job,’ which sounds a lot like a possible campaign slogan for 2024.” (RELATED: ‘End The Destruction Of Our Country’: Trump Responds To Joe Biden’s State Of The Union)

During the speech, Biden had to pause after he alleged Republicans wanted to strip Americans of Social Security and Medicare, prompting outrage from members of the GOP. Biden repeated key talking points his administration has used in recent months, such as claiming that nobody making under $400,000 would have their taxes raised, despite analyses showing otherwise. The president also criticized Big Oil companies for using record profits to pay for “corporate stock buybacks” and called for taxes on such purchases to be quadrupled.

Biden called for an “assault weapons” ban while also claiming that his administration had reduced the deficit, despite the fact that experts and analysts have pushed back on the claim.