‘Dexter’ Prequel Series Is In The Works


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A “Dexter” prequel series focused on the Trinity Killer is under consideration by Showtime, according to a Monday report from Deadline.

Two additional “Dexter” projects are already underway, with “Dexter: Origins” and the next load of “Dexter: New Blood” confirmed, according to Deadline. The additional series, which has yet to be officially confirmed, is said to follow the terrifying killer portrayed by John Lithgow in the original series.

Little has been revealed thus far on the Trinity Killer series, only that it will focus on how he came to fruition. Despite Lithgow’s epic career in entertainment, he is arguably the scariest serial killer to ever be created for the small screen.

As far as the other two projects go, “Origins” will focus on how Dexter (originally played by Michael C. Hall) transitioned to be the killer beloved the world over. Despite much of the main series showing Dexter’s early childhood, the new series will features Dexter in his early 20s, having just graduated from college to join Miami Metro, Deadline noted.

The next season of “New Blood” follows on from the last, but will apparently be seen through the lens of Dexter’s son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). (RELATED: Jason Segel Is The Therapist We All Need In ‘Shrinking’ Trailer)

As a final tease, Showtime also noted that many other character from Dexter’s universe are being considered for their own shows. Could it be that the “Dexter” universe becomes the next “Yellowstone,” with spin-offs, prequels, and new projects galore? One can only hope!