EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Instructor Breaks Down Police Response To Man Who Stabbed Parents

[Screenshot/YouTube/Daily Caller]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Law enforcement and firearms instructor Leon Spears broke down police officers’ body camera footage of their handling of detaining a violent suspect.

The officers drew their weapons and entered the scene and heard a woman in panic telling them that her brother stabbed her parents and went missing. The leading officer demanded that the suspect make his presence known as they entered the home.

The officers searched every angle of the house and instantly exited the house and rushed into the vehicle. They then found the suspect and pointed their firearms at him with demands that he drop his weapon. The suspect ran toward the officers with a firearm, leading them to open fire and detain him.

Spears commended the officers for having “excellent verbalization” at the scene and while communicating with the suspect. He said they used an “appropriate use of force” by holding out their firearms as they entered the home, and switched to “less lethal” when encountering the suspect. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Trainer Leon Spears Responds To Officer Being Charged With A Hatchet)

“Officers originally had appropriate use of force with deadly firearms out and then they called a signal for less lethal. The switch was great,” he said. “The lead officer was commanding the scene and then secondary officers switched to less lethal, gave him [the suspect] great verbalization and then they approached, they engaged him with less lethal, that was wonderful. Again, verbalization was fantastic from the whole team and then they approached, and then firearm was actually shown and so then the other officers engaged with lethal force. That was a great job from this tactical team.”

Spears awarded the “terrific” tactical team with an A grade for their verbalization, transition from lethal to non-lethal, their communication, and for thoroughly investigating the setting at the scene.