REPORT: Multiple Bodies Found In Chicago Have People Scared Of A Serial Killer


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Chicago residents are scared that a serial killer may be in their midst as authorities pulled another body from the Chicago Waterways on Sunday.

The bodies of at least ten people have been dragged out of the waters surrounding Chicago in the last year, all with chilling similarities, according to multiple reports from local area radio and news outlets. The body recovered on Sunday had no identification on it, and the cause of death for many of the bodies uncovered remains unknown. All of them have been found either on the shores of Lake Michigan or in the Chicago River.

It’s been reported that many of the victims disappeared in the late evening or early morning, predominantly on weekends. Former CIA and FBI agent Tracy Walder told one outlet that further similarities in the cases include the age of the victims and their gender — all suspected victims are male thus far. (RELATED: Dear Kay, I Find Jeffrey Dahmer Attractive. Is That Normal?)

Walder said she feels “all roads lead to a potential serial killer on the loose.” At least one Twitter user echoed her sentiments, going viral after posting about the potential serial killer. “There is a serial killer in Chicago targeting young men. The amount of men in their early-mid 20s that have gone missing this year is insane,” she wrote. “Their bodies are then found in the lake hours later. Huge red flags. Stay safe out there.”