REBECCA FRIEDRICHS: The Unholy Alliance Of Politicians And Unions Promoting Wokeness In Schools

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Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats running Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board recently passed new requirements for teachers, compelling them to address students by their chosen pronouns (regardless of whether they match reality or are against the will of their parents), and to instruct children in topics such as Critical Race Theory (more aptly named “Divide and Conquer”).

Among other shocking edicts foisted upon educators and children by these “ministers of education,” the new standards require teachers to provide “opportunities for students to learn about power, privilege, intersectionality, and systemic oppression in the context of various communities” and to become “agents of social change to promote equity.”

That’s just a small sample of the far-left buzz words riddled throughout the new standards. Their language unmasks their agenda as a ploy to use our schools to promote socialism and communism, and squeeze out educational excellence, virtue and patriotism to the total detriment of our constitutional free republic. 

Minnesotans don’t want these changes. The public outcry against these licensing changes was so intense that Minnesotans testified in droves during a seven-hour public hearing Aug. 24. The opposition outnumbered supporters 7 to 1 margin, but the hotly disputed standards were imposed anyway.

Americans across the nation can relate to the Minnesotans who’ve been grossly misrepresented by government bureaucrats. I’ve stood with hundreds of other California parents and teachers before our Senate Education Committee asking for transparency in order to protect our children from pornographic materials in schools. Though hundreds of us spoke, and we brought thousands of letters signed by Caliornians, those “representing” us voted in favor of the ten-or-so paid lobbyists from unions, Planned Parenthood, the PTA and ACLU – the very deep-pocketed special interests pushing the graphic materials.  

This corruption is crushing parents and good teachers nationwide. In Minnesota, teachers will be required to follow the new standards starting July 1, 2024. They will rob precious time from instructing children to become excellent readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians and American patriots, instead teaching them to be good little communists. 

And guaranteed, this wicked agenda will rear its ugly head in schools near you.

Since We the People are the sovereign in this nation, how did bureaucrats seize the power to shut us down, steamroll our teachers, sexualize our kids and rob them of a great education? 

In a nutshell: Government “teachers” unions. 

“Teachers” is intentionally in quotes because just like the bureaucrats who abuse and ignore the American people, unions – also unelected and unaccountable – do not represent the will of good teachers. In fact, the unions are not who they claim to be, and they use teachers as pawns to fund their aggressive socialist agenda. They harshly bully and punish educators who push back, while pouring out accolades and media coverage on union activists who’ve infiltrated our schools and have no qualms about harming our kids and Republic.

Working together, the bureaucrats and unions weaved a tangled web of corruption, and it’s high time Americans awaken to it. And please don’t think your state is immune to this nightmare because your teachers are not unionized. Other government unions are involved too, and the collective unions have so much money and power, they can wreak havoc in all states at all levels in any locality. 

Here’s how it works.

Unaccountable, unelected unions collect billions annually (tax free) in union dues. They use this massive warchest – including terrified educators as coerced boots on the ground – to put their chosen candidates into office and then buy influence with these politicians. 

Once union-controlled politicians are in power, they do the bidding of the unions to continue getting their massive financial support. 

In the case of Minnesota, the unions put Governor Tim Walz into office. Thanks to clever manipulation of our system, the governor gets to appoint the members of Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board and other key positions staffed by bureaucrats. Of course Governor Walz appointed union-friendly members, and thus the unions control this powerful board. 

Walz and the bureaucrats control lots of tax dollars too. In Minnesota, 40% of the state budget is dedicated to education. 

Minnesota is not an anomaly. Similar bureaucratic controls exist at all levels nationwide. It filters down through school boards, publishers, curriculum committees and even the PTA. 

That’s how absurd and dangerous policies are foisted upon vulnerable teachers and kids. Children and their educational needs be damned. 

These bureaucrats are so adept at their double-dealing that they’ve entirely seized control over our educational system. Student and teacher needs have taken a backseat to the manic pursuit of social justice nonsense, and taxpayer dollars are often withheld unless districts agree to implement the objectives of the unions who seek to fundamentally change America into a land with no borders, no national sovereignty, no morals and especially no Judeo-Christian virtue. 

This is an existential threat to America. If we’re unable to remove unelected, unaccountable unions and bureaucrats from our schools, our educational system and Republic are doomed.

Rebecca Friedrichs is the founder of For Kids & Country, author of “Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of our Kids and Country” and a 28-year public school teacher who was lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.