Travis And Jason Kelce Interview Their Parents Before They Face Off In Super Bowl

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — New Heights]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is a fun little video.

If you’re not aware, Travis and Jason Kelce have a podcast called ‘New Heights,’ with the popularity of it skyrocketing over the last few months with how successful both the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have been this season — and the fact that they’re both in Super Bowl LVII.

During a special edition of the podcast Feb. 6, the Kelce brothers interviewed their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce.

Their mother, Donna, talked about the potential of her doing the Super Bowl coin-flip after a petition was created to make that happen.

She hesitated, but said that if her sons felt like it wouldn’t distract them from their focus on the game, she would do it.

“I would, if the two of you say that it would not be a distraction,” said Donna.

His father, Ed, was asked by Travis who he was going to talk with out of him and Jason first after the Super Bowl.

“Probably the loser, somebody’s gonna feel pretty crummy,” said Ed.

Oh man, I love Super Bowl week. We get so much fun stuff like this.

I was aware of the petition on Donna Kelce doing the coin-flip, but honestly, I wasn’t really interested enough in the story to look into it. But now?

I most certainly regret that. (RELATED: Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Puts Home Up For Sale, Adding Fuel To The Speculation Fire)

I’d love to see Donna Kelce do the coin-flip, that would be so fantastic.

And what an unfair question by Travis to his dad regarding who he would talk with first after the big game, but he gave a great (and safe) answer by saying he’d talk to the hurt loser to console them. You have to in that situation.

Fun video.