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From Football To Real Estate: How Successful Entrepreneur Dennis Jenkins Jr. Rebounded To Finding A Path In Business

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How Successful Entrepreneur Dennis Jenkins Jr. Rebounded From A Botched Football Career To Finding A Path In Business

Dennis Jenkins Jr. grew up dreaming he might become notable as a footballer player for a major club in the national league. And because he had the talent to match, everything worked for him at the time. Then his ambition hit a brick wall when he suffered a severe injury.

Before his unceremonious exit from the world of sports, Jenkins Jr. had achieved a level of success and fame playing competitive football back in college. He played collegiate football for three years and even signed a deal with a top club in the NPL. With a contract in the bag, it looked like the horizon couldn’t be brighter for Dennis Jenkins Jr., But that was not to be.

“I had a lacerated kidney,” says Dennis Jenkins Jr. “My kidney was bleeding, which never quite healed.”

And that was the eclipse of a career in sports that had the potential to become great. However, like a cat with nine lives, Dennis Jenkins Jr. proved he was not out for the count yet. Football may have ended, but the world was still on his stage.

Dennis Jenkins Jr. had looked inward for his next significant move in life. Coming from a business-minded family that has been in the construction and real estate industry in Florida for a while, his next move was the most feasible.

“I just got involved with the family business,” he says. “I started on the construction side of things, commercial real estate development, to be exact.” Then from there, Jenkins Jr. quickly came up the rung of success, branching into other areas of real estate, mainly commercial services areas such as facilities management.

Today, Dennis Jenkins Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Executive Commercial Cleaning, a very successful real estate and Facilities Management brand that has been featured in Forbes Magazine and voted as the No.1 cleaning service in Central Florida.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dennis Jenkins Jr. has given a good account of himself. His company, Executive Commercial Cleaning, is a national property and facility services provider that provides comprehensive turnkey property and facility solutions. His facility management portfolio covers commercial and apartment buildings – shopping malls, theme parks, office complexes, and buildings. One of the arms of his business, Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC, recently reached an annual revenue figure of over $7 million, which is quite a milestone.

Instead of sitting downcast and licking his bruise when his football dream hit the rocks, Jenkins Jr. simply returned to the drawing board to restrategize. Many in his place might have succumbed to depression and anxiety with nowhere to turn for assistance. But, as Jenkins Jr. noted, there are several ways to be successful in life and be proud of who you are, and it doesn’t have to be through just one means only.

According to Jenkins Jr., his business model is based on quality and integrity, working with various clients with a special focus on each of them, personally and professionally. In addition, the company offers overall property and portfolio management, including self-performing maintenance staffing and janitorial service teams, while integrating the most up-to-date technology to make the management of facilities hassle-free.

“We pretty much do everything, and when I say manage, we handle everything from construction to cleaning,” Dennis Jenkins Jr. explains. “So if there’s a new area that needs to be developed, we’re the ones that handle the construction. We fix back your plumbing. If the internet goes down, anything you can think of, we handle it daily.”

In addition to his construction initiative, the Florida resident also offers franchises for his company. So people interested in keying into Dennis Jenkins Jr.’s business model can buy into his brand and become company partners.

“Acquiring a franchise is the fastest way to own a thriving business without the hassles that come with starting from scratch,” he says.

Moving forward, Dennis Jenkins Jr. says he’s very concerned about the housing deficit in the city, where there doesn’t seem to be enough affordable housing units for low-income earners to live in. That is why his company is constructing a 108-unit complex, which would be affordable to locals, who are otherwise priced out.

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