‘It Can’t All Be Good’: Actress Spills On How She Thinks ‘1923’ Will Progress

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“1923” actress Michelle Randolph teased fans in an interview published Friday with her knowledge of how the rest of the show will play out.

Randolph plays the character of Elizabeth Stafford, the wife of Jack Dutton (Darren Mann), who discovered she was pregnant during Sunday’s mid-season return of the already iconic prequel series from “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan. The news of hers and Jack’s baby might bring joy to the Dutton-Yellowstone ranch right now, but she told Elle Magazine that “when something good happens, something bad happens.”

Elizabeth is “the sunshine” of the Dutton family, she explained. “It’s a nice contrast to the Dutton family because she learns so much from them. But I think she has a lot to teach them as well. She is, in some ways, a good positive influence: that no matter what hardships she goes through, she still chooses to look at the world through a glass-half-full eye, which is rare. And it’s beautiful because the world hardens you, especially when you’re caught in all the Dutton family drama,” she continued.

“I think that’s why Jack loves her so much, too. Because she’s a light,” Randolph noted. She only read the first three episodes of the prequel series, and had no idea how her storyline would play out throughout the season. “And so I was excited to find out that [Elizabeth] was pregnant and hopefully carrying on the line of Duttons. But I also wondered, ‘Well, what’s going to happen next?’ Because you know Taylor [Sheridan], and it can’t be all good,” she stated. (RELATED: ‘1923’: Your Acting Icons Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before (REVIEW AND SPOILERS))

The big question on the hearts and minds of all fans is whether Elizabeth will be the mother or grandmother of “Yellowstone” lead John Dutton (Kevin Costner), as it was initially assumed that Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) and his British love Alex (Julia Schlaepfer) would bring the next lineage of the Dutton family tree to fruition.

Fans are waiting patiently for the next episode, which will air Sunday on Paramount+.