Matthew McConaughey Is Adding ‘Children’s Book Author’ To His Resume

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Matthew McConaughey is writing his first children’s book, titled “Just Because.”

The famous actor has already made a mark in Hollywood and can now add “children’s author” to his lengthy list of accomplishments. This is McConaughey’s second book overall and will be published by Viking Children’s Books, according to an interview with People published Feb. 9. The book explores life through innocent eyes of children, who are full of hope and wonder.

“I didn’t make plans to write a children’s book so much as the idea of Just Because came to me one night at 2:00 a.m. as a ditty in a dream,” McConaughey said to People.

McConaughey is the father of sons Levi, 14, and Livingston, 10, and daughter Vida, 13.

“Hanging around my own children, seeing them first make sense of the world in black and white and then maturing into understanding the more subtle realities of life, I’ve seen them slowly realize the innuendos, context and poetry in people’s actions and feelings,” McConaughey told People.

He went on to speak about the universal appeal of his book to every child.

“I believe this book will resonate with children of all ages ‘just because’ it speaks to the kid in all of us,” McConaughey said. (RELATED: There’s A Children’s Book About Pedophile Polar Bears)

The actor said he enjoyed writing a book designed to be loved and interpreted by the younger generation, according to People.

“As my own kids grow up and I keep learning how they’re measuring the world around them, I think it’s inevitable that I’ll follow up with some more fun approaches to living that we can all enjoy,” McConaughey told the outlet.