‘F*ck’: Fox News Host Announces Divorce Live On-Air, Rants Against ‘Stupid’ Valentine’s Day

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News anchor Julie Banderas announced her divorce live on-air during a Thursday segment of “Gutfeld!”

Banderas surprised the panel by announcing her divorce from her husband, Andrew Sansone, during a discussion about Valentine’s Day, and branded the holiday as a marketing scheme for Hallmark.

“Fuck Valentine’s Day,” she said. “Yeah, it’s stupid. I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t get shit for Valentine’s Day.”

“Wait, you’re no longer married?” Gutfeld asked.

“Well, I’m getting a divorce. I’m gonna go ahead and say it right here for the first time. Thank you everyone, congratulations are already in order. If you know me, you’ll clap. That was breaking news, listen you don’t have to be a guy to not get shit on Valentine’s Day, come talk to me after the show. It’s a Hallmark holiday, it’s stupid. It’s just absolutely ridiculous and I don’t think you need one day.”


Banderas alluded to her upcoming announcement on Twitter before the start of the show, hinting to the irony that the announcement was being made just days before Valentine’s Day. (RELATED: Peter Doocy Announces Major Life News)

Tune into @Gutfeldfox tonight at 11pm ET. I have a little announcement at the end of the show. (During the Valentines Day segment ironically),” she said.

The Fox News anchor confirmed she “wasn’t kidding” about her announcement when a social media user casted doubt.

Banderas is a mother of three children, according to her Twitter profile.