Matisse Thybulle Spray-Paints Goodbye Message To Philadelphia After Being Traded From 76ers

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Philadelphia is such a dope city in terms of sports. I’d be sad too if I were leaving for … Portland.

In Fishtown, which is a neighborhood of Philadelphia, there is a mural gracing the intersection of Frankford and Girard that depicts the NBA talent we know as Matisse Thybulle on the Garage Bar’s exterior wall. It’s been there for two years.

On the day of the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers traded Thybulle to the Portland Trail Blazers in a three-team deal, with the Sixers getting Jalen McDaniels in return. Draft picks were also exchanged in the trade.

The next day after the deadline, Thybulle posted a video on Instagram that showed him spray-painting “Thank You, Philly” on the mural with his signature attached to it.


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Damn, I have such a love for Philadelphia.

When I first saw this video, I felt so much for Matisse Thybulle. Yeah, he gets to play with Damian Lillard, but he has to leave such a cool sports city like Philly. I mean, it would be worth it if you were leaving for a Miami or Los Angeles or New York City, even an Atlanta or a Houston, but Portland?

That’s rough. (RELATED: ‘I’m Just Glad He Got Out Of There’: Kyrie Irving Takes Shot At Brooklyn Nets After Kevin Durant Trade)

I know Philadelphia has a rough reputation with a lot of people (as well as their sports fans), but not everybody can be flash and dash like my beloved Miami. Some have to be champions for the working-class people, and the grittiness of Philadelphia does that so well, and this is why I have so much love for the city — the same goes for Detroit.

I’m a flashy cat myself, but I’m also under the belief that the working-class should be taken care of. Philly and the D do that so well through sports — and with the former in particular, I have a special connection. I love the city, and the city loves me.

Shout out to Philly, man. I’ll always have love for you.