Philadelphia Eagles’ James Bradberry Says Super Bowl-Deciding Holding Call Was Correct Move By Refs

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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You have to respect James Bradberry here — he kept it G.

Super Bowl LVII will be defined by a few things, but one of the biggest (if not the biggest) will be the holding call on Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry, who drew the controversial penalty while covering Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster with just minutes remaining.

Not only would have winning the big game capped off what has been an incredible season for the Birds, but a victory would have completely redeemed Bradberry after the New York Giants cut him in the 2022 offseason and forced him to start over in Philly.

Understandably, a load of Eagles fans (and fans in general across the NFL) have been labeling the holding call as a bad one, but Bradberry himself has said that he was guilty and the referees made the right call.

“It was a holding,” Bradberry told the media after Philadelphia’s 38-35 defeat. “I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.”

Rough … just rough all-around for Philadelphia.

Here’s the thing with me: I personally don’t think it was holding. Bradberry barely touched JuJu. I mean, seriously, look at that clip … can you seriously say that was blatant holding?

Bradberry had his hand on his back, sure, but was he “holding” him?

I’m not seeing it. I know Bradberry owned up to doing it (which is dope, most would have been arguing like I am), but I still don’t think it was holding. But even if it was … that’s the way that we’re going to let the Super Bowl be decided? With “holding” that had zero impact on the game? (RELATED: Alleged Stories About Joe Montana Make Him Seem Like A Bit Of A Prick)

What a horrible decision by the refs. Games of that magnitude should be decided by the players in the final minutes, not the referees. But unfortunately for everybody, a classic Super Bowl (or what was going to be a classic Super Bowl, because I don’t view it that way after the bad call) was decided by the zebras.

Philly got robbed, and so did America’s entertainment value. But props to Bradberry for taking it like a man. That shows real character.