Schumer Says Americans Dissatisfied With Biden Because They Haven’t ‘Seen’ Results

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said Monday on “The View” that Americans are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden because they have not “seen” results yet.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found four in 10 Americans say their financial situation has gotten worse since President Joe Biden took office, which is “the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years,” according to ABC. Forty-one percent of those polled said they are financially worse off now than they were upon Biden taking office, while 16% of those polled said they were better off under Biden.

“Senator, President Biden’s State of the Union doubled as a soft launch … for 2024. And President Biden has made historic accomplishments, which you were speaking to, in job growth, health care, infrastructure. But an ABC News poll … says that the voters are even less enthused about Biden running again than Trump. Now, can you explain the disconnect between what we are seeing in the successes and what the polling is showing?” co-host Sarah Haines asked.

“I think, first, you can’t always believe polling,” Schumer said. “There was a poll in 1983 that said Ronald Reagan would get clobbered. And of course, he won a huge victory. But second, I think part of it is that we now have to make sure the American people — they’ve read what we have done, but they haven’t seen it.” (RELATED: ‘Why Are You So Convinced?’: Reporter Presses Jean-Pierre On Polls Finding Democrats Do Not Want Biden To Run In 2024)

“And this second year is going to be a year of implementing, getting the good things that we did out. Like, let me tell you two things that are just starting. Anyone over 65 will only pay $35 for insulin. That’s a huge thing to people [with] diabetes. They may have read about six months ago.”

Schumer then said Americans have yet to see the benefits of the infrastructure package, but that they will see “bridges being rebuilt [and] their healthcare getting better.”